No this title is not my dyslexic spelling of the country Sweden but rather a term for a type of amateur film made famous by the movie ‘Be Kind Rewind’. In the movie Mike, a video shop clerk, and his friend Jerry, erase all the tapes in the shop by mistake. To avoid getting caught by his boss, Mike decides to recreat the movies using himself and Jerry as the actors hoping to fool the customers. Word of mouth spreads of the inadvertently hilarious results of Mike and Jerry’s filming, and soon the store is seeing more requests for such movies. Mike and Jerry quickly pass off the movies as being “sweded”, insisting the films came from Sweden and thus able to demand long wait times and higher costs for the rental.

Swedes are now a cult phenomenon with people around the word remaking their favorite movies which can be seen on the ‘Be Kind Rewind’ you tube channel.

Our spin!

As lovers of science we get annoyed that Hollywood sometimes gets science so drastically wrong that it hurts us deep down inside. Don’t people know that science is just as cool as science fiction? Well now they can do with Non-Fcition Science!

Here at Non-Fiction Science HQ we challenge you to go and make your own swede. However when making your swede we want you to ‘fix’ the science in the movie so that it has a real life outcome. For example, Groundhog Day; can someone really relive the same day over and over? No, they cannot. But what if they had insomnia, so bad that every day was the same because you just never slept!

Once you have completed the challenge send us your video which we will upload to our online library and you tube channel. You might even get entered into the Hall of Fame, if you cut the mustard.

Happy sweding!

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