NonFiSci’s first Fix a Film day!!

“An exceptional and extraordinary case of bad science on the big screen” – Donald Yeomans, Nasa, on the movie 2012.  

How many times have you thought like this when watching science in movies and wished you could change it! Well now it’s time to strike back against those who bend or dumb down the truth to show the real science is even more fascinating.  Help us to right the scientific wrongs in famous blockbuster films by remaking the scenes with what we believe to be true today.

Your mission if you choose to accept it:

  • turn up
  • choose your movie
  • find the science flaws
  • choose the scenes
  • film it
  • edit it
  • have lots of fun

You will be creating these movies in teams with other researchers from other disciplines who are equally passionate about their subjects and have a vendetta against those movie scenes that have wronged their science.

Come join the NonFiSci team at the informatics forum on the 20th of December from 10am-5pm and the let the fun begin!!
…….it’s more fun than the departmental Christmas lunch.


Sign up here:

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