Results of our first “fix-a-film” day!

We brought together 20 academics from across Edinburgh to remake movies that they felt needed some NonFiSci treatment. It was a fun day and this is what we produced:

2011: A Space Odyssey

One grop of academics focused on trying to update the science in the movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey

We all know 2001 is masterpiece, and these guys actually paid full respect for the insight they brought. Rather than criticising the movie; they updated to the technology we actually had: They updated Hal with the technical capability of the Iphone’s Siri….. Watch and see how it goes!

Jurassic Park becomes Jurassic Peck

The other group were given the chance to correct the science in Jurassic Park.

The team decided to play on the fact that the closest living relatives to dinosaurs were chickens. So they remade it as a Jurassic Peck – a giant chicken farm…..but for who?

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