Open Education

NonFiSci believes productive education and learning comes from a community and society approach. So we have taken inspiration from the Open Innovation movement that is happening around the globe.

We want our ideas to be alive and to create the real benefits to all that NonFiSci can bring:  An engaging learning opportunity that merges science and the arts.

We will create this open education by providing all our resources on our website for free. In return we expect people who use the material to share and share alike.

So send us the link to your creations and we will post them. Create new scripts and material and we will host them for you creating a powerful database that is free for all to use.

Everyone who submits anything is added as a contributor to our website, being seen as equal to the founders – you are part of the this.

NonFiSci also want to promote and encourage a local community approach as well as a global approach. So getting teachers, museums, higher education, students and other members of the public to be part of the hub for community based learning. Helping promote your “Pizza and movie nights” to find those flaws in movies you can remake or finding contacts that can help inspire you.

Each year we will hold an oscars ceremony for everyone who has submitted movies to help celebrate what we have created.
If this resonates with you, get in touch, and we can have a conversation.

People who are making this a reality:

  • Vicky Young
  • Dan Arnold
  • Jenny Muir
  • Steve Earl
  • Susan Morrison
  • Mark Lorch

With great support and advice from:

  • Edinburgh Beltane
  • Museums of Scotland
  • Dynamic Earth
  • School of Informatics
  • InSpace

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