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How to make a Non-Fiction Science Swede

We ask everyone and anyone to remake their best/worst movie that has an element of science in it, as a swede ! It can be in any format, animation, musical etc. The only catch it that you have to correct the science that is wrong in the movie. The movies are then sent to us for hosting on our website and You Tube channel. The best movie each month wins a prize and a heap of glory!

Step 1.

Decide to make a Non-Fiction Science swede.

Get your friends over and tell them your awesome idea.

Chose a movie which has an element of bad science in it (the more creative the better) and think about what would happen if the science was corrected and how the outcome would change.

Step 2.

Chose your movie format. Amateur filming it encouraged but if you want to be all fancy pants we wont judge.

Chose the scenes you want to recreate. No need to stick to the original script and insert new scenes if needed.

Make your props, costumes and decide parts.

Step 3

Film your movie, edit it and send it to us.

Step 4.

Send the link to all your friends and get have a premier party for your movie.

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